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Sydney Driving School for Heavy Vehicles
(Trucks & Buses - LR, MR, HR & HC)

Truck Driving Licence is a driving school for training and conducting driving test of heavy vehicles (trucks & buses) around Sydney.

With us, you get your truck licence/license in only ONE DAY. (conditions apply)

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  HR $950 for one day course 5 houres minimum of training 


we also do B condition removal if your licence restricted.

                                  some people will take longer time then other to learn, hourly will be charged then.


  1. Get HR licence with us - for more than one person, we will give you a %5 discount
  2. give us reasonable offer will be not rejected 

How it works

  • Our accredited trainers will provide you with a fun, high-quality 1-day course.
  • When you complete the assessment requirements, we will provide you with the necessary HVCBA certificate.
  • Based on this assessment certificate, RMS (RTA) will issue the relevant driving licence.
  • No RMS driving test is required to obtain Heavy Vehicle driving licences (driving test done by us).

As per the RMS (previously known as the RTA) website, "The primary way to obtain a heavy vehicle licence is to complete Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) with a registered training provider." Our trainers in Truck Driving Licence driving school are accredited to assess your ability to drive a heavy vehicle (truck or bus).

Booking Cancellation policy

48 hours to cancel your booking must before your course day by text or email, you will be asked for a reason for cancellation just to improve our buseness.

We will keep your booking open if you will rebook in later time just to be easier and faster to rebook you again.

if you cancell your booking under 48 hours cancellation fee might will be charged.


Heavy Vehicle (Truck & Bus) licences include the following classes of licences

  • LR (Light Rigid)
  • MR (Medium Rigid)
  • HR (Heavy Rigid)
  • HC (Heavy Combination)

The RMS (previously known as the RTA) website has detailed and well-presented information about the type of vehicles, which the above licences qualifies you to drive, and details on the process and requirements to get each of these licences. Check the RMS website for more details.

The trainers in our driving school are fully accredited:

  • TLI41210 - Certificate IV in Transport and logistics (Road Transport, Car Driving Instruction)
  • TLI41310 - Certificate IV in Transport and logistics (Road Transport, Heavy Vehicle Driving Instruction)
  • TAE40110 - Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Whether you are a slow or fast learner, we will make sure we pace your lessons to make the learning process fun, informative, and cost-effective at the same time.


  • People vary in the time they need to finish the HVCBA (Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment) requirements. Following are general guidelines for the cost of the course, which applies to most people. However, some people might need more time to complete the HVCBA requirements. Please, give us a call on
  • 0406 726 931 or 9596 2770 to discuss.
  • We will match any reasonble  competitor's price. Please, give us a call to discuss.
  • Discounts are available for special cases, e.g. people on Centrelink benefits (like Newstart), and pensioners. Please, give us a call to discuss your circumstances.
  • LR (Light Rigid) $700
  • MR (Medium Rigid) call for price 
  • HR (Heavy Rigid) - Auto: call for this month special
  • RR (Road Ranger) 
  • HC (Heavy Combination) - Auto - call for price
  • MC call for price
  • Packages for bus - including authority card
  • we do training and driving test/assessment (no RMS/RTA driving test required - driving test done by us)
safe confident drivers
  • We do everything we can to increase the number of safe drivers
  • We strive to make sure you are happy and enjoying the learning process
  • We will make sure all road rules are well explained and communicated to you
  • We use safe & modern trucks
  • Every lesson is designed to increase your confidence level
  • Your knowledge will evolve with each lesson
  • Start a guaranteed career 

We are a phone call away! 0406 726 931 or 9596 2770 

Alternatively, you can submit an online booking request for Heavy Vehicle (Truck & Bus) Driving Courses & Assessments.

We will be delighted to work with you to achieve this important milestone in your life. You can rely on us to provide you with the best value for money.