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Living in Bankstown brings many benefits – 20 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD means that commuters have a great opportunity to work in the city, or stay local and start a career or business here. With the Centro Bankstown constantly providing new goods, expect more job prospects to come up. Not to mention the convenience of having a cinema, lots of shops, and the Bankstown Sports Club – making Bankstown a great place to live!

Truck driving school in Bankstown

With the potential of being very profitable, truck and bus driving are two of the most exciting career opportunities out there. Since goods need to be transported from one place to another, this need will always be present. Bankstown is an ideal location, as it is a major bus and truck interchange for several bus and truck services. Additionally, due to the numerous businesses and workplaces in the city, there will be an increase in transport needs. To prepare people for these great prospects, at Truck Driving Licence, we provide truck and bus driving courses which will help you gain or upgrade to one of the following licences, while also teaching you the proper and safe driving techniques.


Truck Driving Licence In Bankstown

LR Truck Licence From $700

LR Truck Licence - Truck Driving Licence - Sydney

MR Truck Licence From $880

MR Truck Licence - Truck Driving Licence - Sydney

HR Truck Licence From $800

HR Truck Licence - Truck Driving Licence - Sydney

HC Truck Licence From $1000

HC Truck Licence - Truck Driving Licence - Sydney

MC Truck Licence (Get Quote)

MC Truck Licence - Truck Driving Licence - Sydney

Bus Driving Authority From $250

We take pride in our great record of quality, safety, and success for our students, with an impressive passing rate of over 80%. Our top priority is always making sure our drivers are ready to hit the roads safely.